Regional Programs

Each Coro location (link location) offers a variety of full and part time, community and regionally based programs for those who wish to develop their leadership skills. Contact a local Coro Center for details about the programs run in their location.

Neighborhood and Community Leadership

Neighborhood leadership programsย work with emerging and established leaders in specific geographic neighborhoods. Program participants identify local issues in their community and then work with Coro trainers to develop and carry out innovative and proactive solutions. Other programs are organized for people working on common issues, such as education improvement or services for immigrant communities.

Mid Career Leadership

Women in Leadership programs provide an opportunity for women to refine their personal and professional leadership skills in order to increase their effectiveness as leaders and to build valuable networks.

Executive-level leadership programs bring together professionals from multiple sectors to develop their understanding of important issues affecting their region and to develop skills that increase their impact through their work and volunteer activities.

College Programs

The Coro Kansas City office conducts a summer internship program in Kansas City for college undergraduates. Other Coro Centers have also run summer internship programs over the years.

Contract and Partnership Programs

Coro Centers work in partnership with institutions to provide leadership development for their staff and volunteers. Partner agencies include city governments, universities, nonprofit organizations, school systems, and so forth. They are highly customized to meet the needs of the organizations and their members, and to produce meaningful results for the constituencies they serve.