The Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs

is Coro’s best known program and one of the premiere non-academic, full time postgraduate programs in the country.Over the last decade, The Princeton Review has consistently featured the Fellows Program as one of the top 10 internships in the country. Click here to learn more.

Regional Programs

Coro has also expanded and evolved its leadership and civic engagement training to include almost 25 kinds of intensive community programs designed to:

  • convene key stakeholders to address city, state and regional economic and community development challenges, including the issue of developing, attracting and retaining local leaders;
  • help organizations learn to work together — rather than competitively–to determine their future;
  • enhance the leadership skills and problem-solving capabilities of critical populations, including:
    • neighborhood leaders;
    • women leaders;
    • business sector leaders (e.g., health care, technology, etc.);
    • executive level multi-sector leaders;
    • individuals running for public office or recently elected office holders;
    • middle, high school and college students;
    • new immigrant leaders;
    • senior citizens

Outcomes of the Coro Program for Participants

The desired outcomes of Coro’s learning experience include:

  • Expanding individuals’ assumptions and mental models, moving them from simplistic or ideological interpretations of problems to a more nuanced understanding of dynamically complex, multi-dimensional problems
  • Enhancing individuals’ capabilities to address complex problems with the right combination of skills directed at multiple levels of problem-solving
  • Moving individuals beyond personal leadership skills to collaborative leadership skills with a diverse range of individuals and stakeholders
  • Helping individuals apply academic learning and ethical principles to real-life experience
  • Enhancing individuals’ confidence that they can make a difference as active, engaged citizen leaders

Outcomes of the Coro Program for Communities

Coro’s focus on experiential learning requires the development of a network of local and regional organizations willing to create internship and project opportunities for program participants. As participants work in these organizations, Coro provides a safe civic space in which diverse organizations and leaders enter into dialogue with program participants and each other.

In addition to developing individuals’ leadership skills, Coro also promotes the development of social capital and the extended network of relationships that helps communities and regions address social, community, economic development and governance challenges. In some cities, the Coro program is structured with additional incentives designed to encourage program participants to stay in the region after they finish the program.