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The new Coro National Alumni Portal was activated on Friday, February 7, 2014. New accounts were created for all Coro alumni in the database with a current email address. They received their new user names and instructions for using the Portal.

If you are a Coro graduate and did not receive your information, we may not have your current email address. Please complete this National Alumni Portal Registration Request so that we can update your record and send you login information.  Please contact if you have any additional questions.



The Coro National Alumni Association (CNAA) strives to provide system-wide services, events, and products to benefit the Coro community. The purpose of the organization is to: 1) promote the best interests of Coro, its staff, program participants, and graduates, wherever located; 2) foster communication and a spirit of friendship, assistance and cooperation among all the graduates of Coro’s various training programs; 3) encourage and promote beneficial relations with and support of Coro by its alumni; and 4) contribute to the betterment of our communities, states and nation, through ongoing Coro and Coro-alumni programs, including continuing education for graduates and others.

How Do I Become a Member?

You can become a Member by paying annual dues to CNAA. Dues support CNAA’s low but important operating expenses, such as our Coro website, visits to Center cities, and alumni events such as the annual alumni National Gathering.

Membership dues are collected annually and are valid from January to December. By becoming a member, you receive a number of benefits, such as access to the PDF of the new Coro history book and additional discounts to Coro alumni events.


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