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What is the Coro Alumni Online Directory?

The Coro Alumni Online Directory is a collection of information and password-protected networking services for Coro alumni around the world. After registering, you may log in to access services such as:

  • updating your personal contact information
  • finding contact information for Coro classmates
  • finding Coro alumni who are located in a similar geographical region, career, possible next career, or similar vocations

Some areas of the Coro website, such as the Coro Alumni Online Directory, are available only to alumni and Coro administrators and Board Leadership.

What does the Coro Alumni Online Directory cost?

The Coro Alumni Online Directory and website is a free service provided by Coro National, the Coro system, and the Coro National Alumni Association for the convenience of its alumni.

How can I contact those behind the Coro website and Alumni Online Directory?

If you need assistance, please contact us by sending an email message to or

What is my Login Name and Password?

Your Login Name is the unique name that the Coro Alumni Online Directory uses to recognize you and your individual preferences each time you log in. Your password is a unique identifier that, together with your Login Name, enables you to have access to restricted data on the website and the Coro Alumni Online Directory.

How can I change my Login Name or Password?

Log in to the Coro Alumni Online Directory and choose “Change Login/Password” from the list on the left hand navigation. Select the “Edit” and change the Login/Password.

What do I do if I never received my Login Name and Password from Coro?

The alumni database is moving to a new home, and new login information will be provided by January 2014. Please keep an eye on your email to check for the new information.

Why am I having problems logging in?

The login information you have entered does not match Coro’s records. Please choose from the following options:

  • Check to see if the caps lock is on: passwords are case sensitive.
  • Make sure your Login Name appears correctly and retype your password.
I have forgotten my Login Name and Password. What do I do?

You can use the link on the login page “If you forgot your password you can request it here.”

Option 1: Request Login Name and Password via email (must use the same email in the system), or
Option 2: Request Password with Security Question (assuming you know at least your login name).

If you are still having trouble, contact us at or  Please provide the following information so that we can identify you:

  1. Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
  2. Center Location, Coro Program Name, Year Graduated
  3. Email address
What is the difference between simple and advanced searches?

Simple searches are faster because they look only at the name, program, location, and class year information in each person’s profile. The advanced search is slower but more comprehensive because it checks information in every section of the Directory profile — professional experience, Coro involvement, education, etc.

How do I conduct an alumni search?

The search function allows you to sort for various criteria in order to find Coro alumni under the parameters in which you are looking.  For example, you can use the location fields to search for contacts living in or near a zip code.  You can also use year graduated to locate alumni who graduated in a certain year. Some people use the year graduated to reduce the number of responses in their search, or when they only want to talk with older or younger alumni.  If you are interested in contacting alumni from a certain program, you can search on Coro program and type in the name of a Center or nationwide program, such as Neighborhood Leaders Program.  You can also search on Name of Organization to identify alumni connected to certain organizations.

Every effort has been made to create comparable data; however, it is always possible that similar, not identical information has been entered. For example, you can run a search based on an organization’s name. Like keywords, the organization name is entered exactly as the alum spelled it, so try different spellings, short and longer names, or acronyms to identify everyone at that organization. For example: Coca Cola, Coca-cola, Coke; or Boston Consulting Group, BCG. To further ensure you’ve found everyone at that organization, you can also conduct a search based on sector type, city, and state.

Can I contact alumni in the directory?

The Coro Alumni Online Directory is to be used as a resource for all alumni to network and connect with each other.

Suggested text for contacting a career resource: “Hi (Career Resource Contact name). My name is ____, and I am an alum of the Coro Program in x year, at Y Center. I’m interested in the field of —–(or “doing a job search in the field of —–“) and I am looking for more information on the field. I’d like to do an informational interview with you to ask a few questions and to discuss your opinions and experience in the field. Would you prefer that I call you, email you (or visit in person)? Thanks so much.”

Is my information viewable by other alumni? Can I hide it?

Initially your Coro Alumni Directory profile includes information from the Coro system’s official database. When you update your profile, the new information is added to the Coro National database. It also is reflected in the display version of your Coro profile unless you choose to hide it. You control how much or little information about yourself you will share in your Coro Alumni Directory profile. In each section of your profile, you can designate whether you want that information to be displayed to other alumni in the Coro Alumni Directory when they search and find your profile. Although information that you choose to hide will not be displayed in the Coro Alumni Online Directory, it will be part of the official Coro system record and database.  To determine which information you would like to hide or show, from the left hand navigation Alumni Directory choose “My Profile” and then “Update Record: Confidentiality Settings.”

In order to protect privacy, profiles of current participants are not viewable on the Coro Alumni Directory. Upon graduation, participants’ profiles will display according to the preferences selected during registration or any subsequent profile update.

My information is incorrect. How do I change it?

After login in, from the left hand navigation Alumni Directory choose “My Profile” and then choose which part of your profile you would like to edit.  Select the category and type your updated information in the appropriate boxes. When you click the “submit” button, your changes will appear in your Coro Alumni Directory profile and will be updated in the Coro Alumni Directory.  Changes appear in the Directory immediately. Changes you make in the Coro Alumni Directory generally take up to two to four weeks to share between the various Coro stakeholder/system databases so that all have the same information.

My Center location, program name, or graduation year is incorrect. How do I change it?

During the merging of multiple databases throughout the Coro system, your information may have incorrectly been changed.  If you feel that your Center location, program name, or graduation information is incorrect, please contact the Center where you did your program.  The Center will start the process of correcting the information.

Is the information in the Coro Alumni Online Directory public?

The Coro Alumni Online Directory is accessible only to verified Coro alumni and administrators/staff that have registered and logged in. Some information of an inherently public nature such as news, announcements and links to other public web sites is accessible from the Coro stakeholder website home pages prior to logging in.

How secure is my information?

Coro Alumni Directory has taken every effort to ensure that individual privacy is protected. Transmissions are encrypted, and the site technologically is secure, password-protected and intended strictly for the purpose of personal interaction among members of the Coro community.

Will those who abuse Coro Alumni Online Directory be penalized?

Yes. The Coro Alumni Online Directory is monitored for abuse of privileges and misuse of the system’s information and communication services. Those who disregard the policy statement (link) (required during the registration process) and use online information for marketing or commercial purposes will have access to the Coro Alumni Online Directory revoked and may be exposed to further legal action. Misuse may be reported by sending an email message to or