This is a list of notable alumni who have participated in various Coro programs from Centers located in Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and St. Louis.




  • Phil Angelides, Former Treasurer, State of California (LA ’75)
  • Hon. Marvin Baxter, Former Associate Justice, California Supreme Court (SF ’63)
  • Hon. Anna Eshoo, Member of U.S. House of Representatives (SF ’79)
  • Hon. Vic Fazio, Former Member of U.S. House of Representatives (LA ’66)
  • Hon. Tim Kaine, Member of the U.S. Senate, Former Governor of Virginia (KC ’78)
  • Hon. Michael Bennet, Member of the U.S. Senate (NY ’88)
  • Hon. Dianne Feinstein, Member of the U.S. Senate (SF ’56)
  • Robin Kramer, Former Chief of Staff, Mayor of Los Angeles (LA ’81)
  • Hon. Jerry Lewis, Former Member of U.S. House of Representatives (SF ’57)
  • Hon. Alex Padilla, Secretary of State, State of California (LA ’95)


  • Bruce Corwin, Chairman and CEO, Metropolitan Theatres Corporation (LA ’63)
  • Michael Davis, Vice President, J.P. Morgan (StL ’90)
  • David Friedman, Senior Manager, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, (StL ’88)
  • Craig Fuller, Former President and CEO, National Association of Chain Drug Stores (LA ’74)
  • Michael Holmes, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Express Scripts (StL ’80)
  • Michael Kim, Senior Director New Consumer Products, Microsoft Corporation (StL ’93)
  • John E. Kobara, Executive Vice President and COO, California Community Foundation (LA ’79)
  • David Moskovitz, Chief Executive, Accenture (StL ’81)
  • Diana Tasaka, Director of Corporate Communications, Farmers Group, Inc. (LA ’84)
  • Frederick O. Terrell, Managing Partner and CEO, Provender Capital Group LLC (LA ’77)


  • William Connelly, Strategic Analyst (ret.), The New York Times (NY ’95)
  • Helen Dewar, Former Staff Writer, The Washington Post (deceased) (SF’58)
  • Ava Ehrlich, Senior Executive Content Producer, KSDK-TV (NBC Affiliate) (StL ’76)
  • Gene Siskel, Former Film Critic, Siskel & Ebert & the Movies (deceased) (LA ’68)


  • Lisa Carlson, Partner and Director of Facilitation, Engaged Public (StL ’84)
  • Iris Chen, Executive Director, The Fund for Public Schools (NY ’94)
  • Bill Jackson, Former President and Senior Advisor, (SF ’91)
  • Jonathan Holloway, Provost, Northwestern University (SF ’90)
  • Andrew Kimball, CEO, Industry City (NY ’90)
  • Eliza Leighton, Cofounder and CEO, The Family Room (NY ’96)
  • Sharon Rohrbach, Founder and CEO, Nurses for Newborns (StL ’00)
  • Andrew Rubinson, Executive Director, Grace Outreach (NY ’88)
  • Beatriz Olvera Stotzer, Founder and CEO, New Economics for Women (LA ’84)
  • Scott Syphax, Chairman and CEO, Nehemiah Corporation of America (SF ’92)
  • Greg Berman, Director, Center for Court Innovation (NY ’93)
  • James Weinberg, CEO, FUSE Corps (PGH ’01)
  • Caprice Young, President and CEO, Magnolia Educational and Research Foundation (LA ’93)


  • Alice Fialkin, Former President, Transportation Worker’s Union/ SF MUNI (deceased) (SF ’94)
  • Rusty Hicks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor (LA ’04)
  • Josie Mooney, Partner, Democracy Partners (SF ’75)