Coro was founded in San Francisco in 1942 by W. Donald Fletcher, an attorney, and Van Duyn Dodge, an investment counselor, to train young veterans in the leadership skills necessary to assure that our democratic system of government could more effectively meet the needs of its citizens.

Since 1947, when the first program was delivered, Coro has grown to include programs in six cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles (1957), St. Louis (1972), Kansas City (1975), New York (1980), and Pittsburgh (1999).

300-400 participants a year go through Coro programs nationwide. At least 10,000 program alumni are currently serving as leaders in local, regional, national and global businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and elected public office.

Coro programs are run either by Coro Centers or by organizations that license the Coro methodology. Coro National is an independent nonprofit organization that serves as a partner for the regional Coro Centers, working to enhance Coro’s national presence and develop new programming.



logo_officialThe Coro logo was created in 1970 by Hisashi Nakamoto. The center part of the “C” is meant to look like an eye to represent the fact that Coro always has its eyes open in public affairs. Yet in spite of being in the center, there is still an opening for exploration and discovery. The “C” also seems to be pointing out in a direction to symbolize a purpose and mission.

The name “Coro” is the creation of its founders. Their vision for a program of educational discovery to prepare citizen leaders was a totally new concept. Thus Coro – a new word and one without association – was invented to represent both discovery and exploration.