Help recruit the next class of Coro Fellows

Coro Ambassadors WP
Do you have an eye for talent? Do you have a sixth sense for people who will be successful leaders in the future? Coro is asking ALUMNI, FRIENDS, and SUPPORTERS who know or have access to people with exceptional talent and passion for public affairs to help us recruit the top candidates for the 2016-2017 Coro Fellows Program.

Are you surrounded by people ready to take the next step in their career and professional life? Are you constantly meeting new people you think would make excellent Coro Fellows? Don’t miss this opportunity to share about how Coro can develop and connect emerging leaders to our national network!

5 ways to find out if you’d make a perfect Coro Ambassador:

1. Do you have access to university students, programs, or faculty?
2. Have you met any graduate students looking for the next opportunity?
3. Does your downtown office–complete with the open floor plan–attract their fair share of hipster Millennial appeal?
4. Are you a member of other civic organizations, professional associations, and community groups ripe with raw talent?
5. Can you name at least 3 high-caliber people that you think should apply for Coro right now?

If you answered “YES” to any of the following questions, then we need YOU to become a Coro Ambassador! Recruitment season for the 2016-2017 Coro Fellows class is underway and we need your help identifying qualified candidates to apply!

Become a Coro Ambassador today! CLICK HERE.